Dictionary of Acronyms

CaveR: Cave Rover

ConOps: Concept of Operations

Cycle: Scout + Science, collection, analysis

DOC: Drill Operations Camera

DSLR: Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera

ERT: Engineering Readiness Testing

LABE: Lava Beds National Monument

LCS: Longwave Calibration Sensor

LLE: Low Light Environment

LTC: Lava Tube Caves

NIRcam: Near-InfraRed Camera

NIRVSS: Near-InfraRed Volatile Spectrometer System

NIRVS: Near-InfraRed Volatile Spectrometer

ORT: Operations Readiness Testing

Quick look results/Preliminary Synthesis: DSLR image and annotation or spectral plot from sim scientists

RealSense: Instrument used to map the depth/geometry of cave walls

RP: Rover Prospector

Science Traverse: Run back through cave stopping at significant points indicated by sim scientists and collecting specified data

SciOps: Science Operations

Scouting Traverse: initial pass by rover along the cave. Data collected

Sim: Simulating planetary exploration of caves

Sim Scientist: Foot Scientist (Remote operations scientist)

SOC: Science Operations Center

TRL: Technical Readiness Levels

UVS: UltraViolet Spectrometer

xGDS: Exploration Ground Data Systems, used for transferring data from rover to scientists